September 29, 2022

Wednesday August 8th 2012 Update

Project Walk

Project Walk Atlanta has been AMAZING! Danny is pushing hard and doing so well. We are doing the family training program so that I can do his therapy when we get home the way Project Walk does it. The training is 25 hours. We are splitting it up in about two weeks. It’s a lot of work but fun. Danny continues to make improvements. There are a few items we need to work on getting for Danny to continue improvements. We are working on getting a used gliding standing frame. It will continue to help stabilize his blood pressure. It also helps him to be weight bearing which is suggested he do that for an hour everyday. It helps to keep his bones strong and good for his circulation. He will also need to be using The Total Gym with rope cables. Believe it or not he does a lot of important exercises on there. Yesterday ad today he stood at an incline on the bench and I unlocked his knees and he slowly and painfully started to press his knees back with some help. That does not mean he can move his legs but the weight bearing helps him to focus on the movement and he is able to help. Project Walk believes if you do a movement 1,000 times your body will recall it. So we have a lot of muscle groups to get moving. We will need to purchase foam wedges to prop Danny up to practice on core strengthening exercises. He then leans up against a wooden box. We have all the measurements and I have pictures to build them. They use those rubber exercise bands,Stepper platforms, yoga mats, and a padded table. We also have on our wish list an FES bike which stimulates Danny’s muscles. Danny will walk again it’s just a matter of when. Those who commit their lives to many hours of therapy a day are the ones who recover. It’s very hard work but we will figure it out and with the help of the wonderful experts at Project Walk to set us up with the proper exercises we will find the time in the days, months and years ahead. These are our greatest financial needs for medical equipment right now.
Standing Slider Frame-about $2,500
FES Bike- about $20,000
Please pray for energy and strength for Danny. He really is a power house! Love to all an we are so blessed to be here and have all of you backing us up! Blessings to all!! Standing strong for our Lord!

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