May 27, 2018

Tuesday May 8 2012 2nd Update

Notice of Transfer

We were notified today that Danny’s transfer will be Friday, or earlier if a bed becomes available at Shepherds. Danny is so ready to be leaving the hospital and getting started on rehab. We have had such great care here at Sacred Heart in Pensacola from the medical team! We will miss them all but we will be ever so glad to get to Shepherds and start aggressive rehab! Danny wants to get out of the bed and move! He told the nurse today to pull over the linen cart so he can step on it and stand up!?? He is so crazy! The nurse said, let’s not do that Danny that does not sound very safe! So instead Danny got to sit up on the side of the bed! When I came in he told me to pull the thing that hangs from the ceiling over so he can pull himself up. Really Danny?  I said I am not touching that thing with out PT! LOL! He then asked my to help him sit up on the bed! I said Danny sweetie, i’m not going to help you do that either. So I adjusted the pillow case roll behind his neck a million times. Poor sweetie just could not get comfortable. He wanted to come back to the hotel with me tonight, (and all of this is lip reading by the way). I told him that he had all of the pumps, tubes and vent. He said, it’s no big deal! Huh! I said maybe not to you because your used to it but it is for me! Danny got lots of hugs today, requested by him! He is going to give that rehab at Shepherds a run for their money!!

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