April 19, 2021

Tuesday July 17 2012 Update

Danny shaved himself for the first time today. He only could do the left side but he didn’t miss a hair. That was the first time he got to use his new electric razor himself. He said” wow this thing is really nice!”. For the first time today he also used the hand bike. They strap his hands in because he cant hold on. He crushed it and in less than two minutes he was overpowering the bike and they had to make it harder for him. They use electrodes to stimulate muscle contraction and that did help on his weaker right arm. He was so nervous because of the subluxation on the right arm and intense hypersensitivity. He was scared it would hurt like crazy and make it worse. To tell you the truth I wasn’t sure he was going to be able to do it. But I would never let him know that. I encouraged him and was like a cheerleader as always. I sound so goofy on the sidelines, you should hear me and Danny laughs at me. LOL! But hey, the cheering pushes him to work harder. The peddling didn’t hurt his subluxation like we suspected and he did amazing. After that he even powered through with more upper body exercises with his OT.
Yesterday was a really tough day for Danny. He was feeling really down in the dumps, home sick and bored of the same cafeteria, same old everything. Honestly I was too. He just wanted to do something fun and he can’t…here, and now. I made him watch a movie a fellow Keller Williams agent, Linda gave us. She teaches a class called BOLD. She showes this old movie from the 80’s called The Miracle Man. The way they showed the rehab of this mans spinal cord injury rehab was a little off and we laughed. But it was movie making in the 80’s at its finest. The bigger message wasn’t that he had a C-1,C-2 injury and that he walked again. The message was that he didn’t listen to what anyone told him. He willed himself better. The man in the movie listened to Zig Zigler tapes, who happened to be a motivational speaker that Danny used to listen to. I can remember Danny telling me about him. That positive message sparked a fire in Danny that shook him out of the funk he was in and he had a fire in his eyes that even Satan wouldn’t walk through. He is getting stronger and pushing through pain that is indescribable. I’m so proud of him and he is really working hard to get back his body again. We are both exhausted. It’s a lot of work. I stay right there with him while he’s in the gym trying to learn simple tasks like sleeping on his stomach. Because I also am learning a lot as well. Thank you everyone for your prayers and your efforts back home. We miss you all an incredible amount and can’t wait to get home but we know this rehab is so crucial to Danny’s recovery and we are learning so much! blessings to all. And never take for granted the life God gives you.

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