May 20, 2022

Tuesda July 10 2012 Update

So many good things to continue to report. So Danny’s hole from te trach closed up in 4 quick hours. He can’t even blow air through it. He still has a raw area that needs to heal completely but it should be completely healed by next week. He is truly on healthy boy now!!! Because otherwise is no open airway now we were able to get rid of a lot of supplies that were junking up the room and his suction cart! He also has a better controlled heart rate now,it was too low, but controlled with medication. But he doesn’t need The medication anymore. So because of that he was able to loose the telemetry box that is attached always to him with electrodes. His chest was always raw, he’s been wearing them for 3 months! And he had to be shaved so they didn’t pull all that furry chest hair and he always looked like he had an extra belly in all his pics.
Danny is now brushing his teeth on his own too!!

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