September 29, 2022

Thursday August 2nd 2012 Update

Okay. Way past due for an update. Danny was discharged from outpatient this past Wednesday and we moved in the apartments next to Shepherds to get ready for outpatient day program. So it was a lot of work for me to pack up his room and move over to the apartments and unpack everything. One of our techs helped me move things over. We have been enjoying some down time and in the process have even brought a wheelchair accessible van. We were able to pay cash for it with all the fundraisers that have been done. So thank you to everyone who has helped us. We owe it to you. It’s amazing that the van costs $38,000! But thanks to Scott Creel from Mobility works(HDS) for making it a smooth and easy process.
Our first day of day program was just stating goals to the therapist and they told our case worker we needed to stay for 6 weeks. Then the caseworker broke the bad news to us We thought we were on scholarship for the day program. They would have used all our 35 visits of outpatient visits from our insurance. We planned on having those visits for rehab when we get home. The scholarship covered the copays only. They charged us 3 visits a day and would have utilized all our 35 visits in less than two weeks and would have to pay $450 a day to stay. After that news we had to regroup and decide what to do. Make no mistakes we love Shepherds! They have done so much to get Danny well again and to have gotten him this far!
So we have moved into a hotel in Alpharetta to go to Project walk Atlanta( which is actually in Alpharetta.) If you get a chance look up Project Walk Atlanta. It’s very inspiring. It’s an aggressive and intense weight bearing exercise rehab. They will train me to rehab him on their techniques for two weeks. Then we come home! So that’s the plan for now. We meet with Paul Picard from Project Walk tomorrow afternoon.
In the mean time we are excited that demolition is starting on the remodel of our home.
Thank for your continued prayers and support. We love and miss you all! Blessings!!

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