September 29, 2022

One Year Ago Today My Life Changed For Ever

danny-one-yearToday marks a very important day for me. April 14, 2012 one year ago was the day of my initial spinal cord injury. I’ve had some mixed feelings today. I woke up this morning feeling well and excited to go to a Joel Osteen service at his home church, Lakewood Church, in Houston Texas.

Some of the feelings that I’ve had this morning that were not of the most positive. They were feelings that time is flying by and I’m not making enough improvements and even feeling a little bit nauseous at times just thinking that I’ve actually been confined to a wheelchair as a quadriplegic level for one year.  This all was quickly wiped away once I arrived at the huge stadium Lakewood Church. It gave me time to actually feel the gratitude and achievements that I’ve made in this past year that I should be feeling.  Thinking back to when I was at Shepherd Hospital in Atlanta Georgia, lying in bed coming out of an induced coma, still on a ventilator, not able to move any of my limbs, and to where I am now only one short year later is nothing short of a miracle.

This is where the pity party stopped and excitement, motivation, and feelings of being blessed came rushing through me.  I am in Houston Texas, for a trip of a little bit over two weeks to see spinal cord specialists and visit the top physical therapists for spinal cord injuries in the country.  I saw many doctors last week and received mainly all positive outlooks. I start physical therapy tomorrow and I am getting really pumped about it right now as I sit here writing this. This is one of the things made possible from proceeds from this past year’s fundraisers and of those of you who have donated directly to

I’m so grateful to have this opportunity and want to thank all of you for giving it to me. Your love and generosity has never been or will ever be wasted or taken lightly and I am going to use it to it’s fullest possible potential. You all have been truly amazing and I am honored to have been touched by your love, prayers and positive thoughts. There have been so many events both good and bad throughout this past year that have made me a stronger, better, and more blessed person that I have ever been. I have two long weeks of therapy coming up and will keep everyone posted once I get finished.

I want to thank everyone for all of your support whether it  has been financial, spiritual, or physical.  The difference between today, which is one year after my tragic accident, and the day before my accident, is that today I am able to be aware of and be thankful for all the wonderful blessings I’ve been given and surround me on this planet.

It took this accident to open my eyes about many things in my life and to appreciate the smaller and larger things that are wonderful around me.  I’m a better person today than I was a year ago and I am a stronger person than I ever was.

Thank you for all your support that made that possible for me.

Danny Margagliano


  1. Danny you are a true inspiration! You have embraced the trials and tribulations that have been handed to you and made the decision to move forward! I will be praying that you get benefits above and beyond what is expected from your rehab in Texas.

  2. Barbara Graham says:

    I am Rick Talbert’s cousin and live in Bowie Md. Actually in the same house that Rick as raised in! I heard about your accident through Rick’s FB wall last year. You ad your beautiful family are in my prayers every day.I enjoyed reading your blog entry and wish you luck and strength to get through the next two weeks. My daughter is an Occupational therapist at Kennedy Kreiger Institute in Baltimore MD. Dr. McDonald,who was Christopher Reeves doctor opened a pediatric spinal cord unit there and my daughter works in the inpatient department. I have been there and have watched the therapists in action. I’m sure you can attest to their dedication in providing you with the best care in your journey. Again, I wish you and yours health and happiness.
    Barbara Graham

  3. Dee Dee James says:

    I took my mama to TIRR and stayed in Houston for six months. The highlight was attending Lake Wood Church. Joel, Victoria and Dodie were so good to us……….always laying hands on mama and praying for a miracle recovery. Pls tell Dodie if you meet her that Dee Dee and Bridget say hello.

    God Bless

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