May 21, 2022

Monday July 9 2012 Update

Tracheotomy Out Today!!

Danny got his tracheotomy out this morning!!!! His doctor said that was his best X-ray yet!!!! Praise God for that answered prayers. He went over to Peidmont on his own to get his cervical X-ray this morning. He felt so bare not having to tote his suction cart with him and to actually have the freedom to be more independent. Huge for Danny. Tomorrow the electrodes come of. Which has been tearing his skin up on his chest.

Our date last night was absolutely wonderful!!!! We had help from a crossing guard as to how to enter the restaurant where the ramp is. Once we got in every one was so accommodating and pleasant to us. It was kind of funny to catch some people staring or trying not to look. But when Danny scoots away from the table and lays his chair back and his feet up in the air to do a weight shift, it tends to draw some attention. LOL!! Every time we go out we feel even more confident. Tonight we go on an outing to the Chinese restaurant. Should be fun as its with a group.
This afternoon we have a goal meeting with Danny’s medical team. Pray for positive outcomes. Danny’s next goal is to get that right arm stronger and moving….and of course to walk!!! Thank you all for celebrating this huge hurdle with us!! Making progress is fun!!! Many blessings!!

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