September 29, 2022

Friday August 10th 2012 Update

Danny Moves His Toes!

Danny moved his toes on the right foot today! I posted video on Facebook. So exciting. God is good, all the time. We pray now that he progresses even more. He fatigues very easily. And it is so challenging for him to move muscles but eventually after thinking about the movements and trough repetitive repetitions his body will recognize those movements. Pray for endurance and more strength. We went back to Shepherd yesterday as got blood drawn to check Danny’s Coumadin level. He is finally therapeutic on his Coumadin. On Monday we go back to Shepherds again to have a blood flow study on his legs and left arm where he originally had the blood clots. Please pray for the blood clots to be gone so he can stop taking the blood thinner. It is really making his blood pressure really low a lot because his blood is too thin. Blessings to all and rejoicing in his goodness!

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