September 29, 2022

Danny’s Journey Home

4 Months Exactly Today…Danny is Home!!

Danny’s Journey Home from Craig Baranowski on Vimeo.

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Today is four months since Danny’s accident. These past months have been filled with so many emotions. Danny and I are actually home right now! Danny was having low blood pressure issues so he couldn’t do his last day of therapy so we decided to head home early and surprise the kids and my sister and nephew(who have been staying at our house to watch the kids). On the ride home Danny and I talked about how the last 4 months have been and then we figured out that today marked 4 months exactly since his accident and how fitting it was that we were actually coming home today. Danny said the last four months flew by and I said,”for who??, you maybe!” He said” well yea because I guess I was in a coma for about a month of it and hallucinating for the next two weeks after that!” hahaha! It’s so true! The kids were so super excited to see us! They made this fantastic welcome home posterior us in anticipation of our arrival on Friday. They all ready had it up and in place. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be back home. Even though I’m sleeping on the couch next to Danny’s hospital bed that’s set up in the living room, it’s still so nice. Summer is cuddled up next to Danny in the bed, so sweet. I’m the only one awake, my head still buzzing from the day. Well me and Stormy, our dog, who was also supper excited to be reunited with all the family. We all missed her so much! She put her paws right up in Danny’s lap when she saw him. Thanks to our friends Daniel and Sarah who have taken her in as their own for the last four long months! We can’t wait to see everyone over the rest of the week. Danny was filled with emotions being back in the house tonight and the kids wanting his attention and he can’t get around like he used to. He was pretty shook up if you can imagine. He just wanted to be able to sit at the bar and talk and he cannot do much for himself. It’s going to take some time but we haven’t got this far without a lot of blood, sweat and tears(literally) and the wonderful support of family and friends. And we will continue to string with the love and support of all of you. There may be times when Danny gets overwhelmed and may just turn away. Please understand that he just needs some space and a few minutes to regain composure. This is a new way of life and does not present itself without many difficult challenges and emotions. and with that I’m resting my eyes for and early and busy day tomorrow! Love and blessings to all! Good to be home! Good to be home!


  1. Dawn David says:

    In tears of delight to hear that you are home safe. My heart pours out to you both. You have shown me so much strength in this journey. Prayers for continued strength for you both. God is good people. Much love.

  2. Lisa (Fusco) Farina says:

    That video is amazing. As I sit here watching through my tears, I am in awe of Danny and April, and all who have been there along the way.

  3. God Bless you your beautiful family. This video brings many tears to my eyes.

  4. This video makes me tear up and yet smile with joy, after all the actions/emotions you have described over the past four months. Sending my best to Danny, you and the rest of your family and friends.

    Jay – Tampa, FL

  5. So pleased with you guys and all that you have accomplished. Absolutley amazed at the strength and perserverance that you both display and so grateful for God’s blessings. May this transition be just another stepping stone. God bless you and your family.

  6. God Bless you and your family, what a wonderful story. I will continue to pray for you guys. God is good all the time. Jo Dasinger Grimes, Al.

  7. Brenda Huntsberrt says:

    We are so very happy for all of you. Henry and I realize that there is still a long road ahead for Danny and all of you. We know the power of our Lord and Saver and we have all of you in our prayers.

  8. Awesome video. Throughout, and until he walks again, we’re saying “Come on Danny & April, press on. Nothing is impossible with God!” We believe.


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