September 29, 2022

Danny Margagliano Home Renovation Project

Project Home

It is hard to believe it has been four months since Danny’s accident on April 14,th 2012. So much has happened over four months and the progress Danny has made has been nothing short of amazing[see video]. While Danny has been away we have analyzed the optimal living situation for Danny and his family and determined that a home renovation to their existing home is the most economical and practical path.

Walking through Danny’s  home it is clear that much work is needed to make their home functionable, accessible and safe for Danny and his family to live in. Jeff Margaretten with Margaretten Architectural got to work and designed a 670sf expansion of their home. Key features include:

  • Wheel chair accessible exits and entry points at the front of the house, side entry and garage
  • Expanded master suite to accommodate a roll-in shower and dressing area for Danny
  • Widening interior doorways to be wheel chair accessible
  • Renovating the kitchen for wheel chair accessibility and access for Danny for food and beverages
  • Home office expansion so Danny and April can work from home efficiently and productively
  • Wheel chair accessible laundry room
  • Covered Porch as an accessible outdoor space for Danny and his family
  • New landscape and paver-scape design for Danny to easily access his front and back yards

We are relying on donated materials and labor for a majority of the project and are seeking out individuals and companies that would like to participate in the home renovation. If you are interested in volunteering or supplying materials please CONTACT US @

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Margagliano Residence Home Plans DOWNLOAD

Jeff Margaretten
Margaretten Architectural
Michael Spicer
Spicer Design Build, Inc.
Project Liason
Craig Baranowski
Team Baranowski Keller Williams Realty


  1. I would like to donate a piece of art if you do any fundraisers. My sister had told me about Danny’s accident. I know he can live a new life of just as much freedom and love, it’s just different. I have watched this with the wounded warrior project. : ) Prayers sent your way.

    • Craig Baranowski says:

      Dawn – Thank you so much. We are doing fund raisers all the time. Send me an email of what you were thinking of for a piece of art. We have an exciting event coming up that will be announced very soon that we could use it. Craig


  1. […] Learn about Danny’s Project Home Today is four months since Danny’s accident. These past months have been filled with so many emotions. Danny and I are actually home right now! Danny was having low blood pressure issues so he couldn’t do his last day of therapy so we decided to head home early and surprise the kids and my sister and nephew(who have been staying at our house to watch the kids). On the ride home Danny and I talked about how the last 4 months have been and then we figured out that today marked 4 months exactly since his accident and how fitting it was that we were actually coming home today. Danny said the last four months flew by and I said,”for who??, you maybe!” He said” well yea because I guess I was in a coma for about a month of it and hallucinating for the next two weeks after that!” hahaha! It’s so true! The kids were so super excited to see us! They made this fantastic welcome home posterior us in anticipation of our arrival on Friday. They all ready had it up and in place. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be back home. Even though I’m sleeping on the couch next to Danny’s hospital bed that’s set up in the living room, it’s still so nice. Summer is cuddled up next to Danny in the bed, so sweet. I’m the only one awake, my head still buzzing from the day. Well me and Stormy, our dog, who was also supper excited to be reunited with all the family. We all missed her so much! She put her paws right up in Danny’s lap when she saw him. Thanks to our friends Daniel and Sarah who have taken her in as their own for the last four long months! We can’t wait to see everyone over the rest of the week. Danny was filled with emotions being back in the house tonight and the kids wanting his attention and he can’t get around like he used to. He was pretty shook up if you can imagine. He just wanted to be able to sit at the bar and talk and he cannot do much for himself. It’s going to take some time but we haven’t got this far without a lot of blood, sweat and tears(literally) and the wonderful support of family and friends. And we will continue to string with the love and support of all of you. There may be times when Danny gets overwhelmed and may just turn away. Please understand that he just needs some space and a few minutes to regain composure. This is a new way of life and does not present itself without many difficult challenges and emotions. and with that I’m resting my eyes for and early and busy day tomorrow! Love and blessings to all! Good to be home! Good to be home! Share this:FacebookTwitterEmail Filed Under: Blog, Updates Cancel Reply […]

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