September 29, 2022

South Walton Restaurants Support Local Hero

Dine 4 Danny Cover Photo GraphicSouth Walton Restaurants Support Local Hero this Labor Day Weekend with ‘Dine 4 Danny’ Fundraiser Saturday, August 31st

On August 31st, select South Walton restaurants will host Dine 4 Danny—a dine-out fundraiser to support Danny Margagliano, a former South Walton Fire District fireman and paramedic who was paralyzed in a diving accident, leaving him to struggle daily with overwhelming medical expenses and needs. Locals and visitors are invited to show their support for Danny simply by dining out at one of the participating restaurants this Saturday. Each restaurant will be donating either a percentage of sales or a minimum contribution following the event that will go directly to Danny’s charity fund, Donations 4 Danny.

Dine 4 Danny restaurants include (in alphabetical order):

Link to all the participating restaurants HERE

Another Broken Egg – Grayton Beach
Barefoot BBQ
Bud & Alley’s
Café Thirty-A
Edward’s Fine Food & Wine
Grayton Bar & Grill
Marie’s Bistro
Pandora’s Grayton Beach
Redd’s Fueling Station
Restaurant Paradis
Stinky’s Fish Camp
The Red Bar
V Seagrove

On a holiday weekend that celebrates the American worker, Dine 4 Danny invites all to enjoy a delicious evening out in honor of Danny who devoted years of his life to the safety of our local community.

One Year Ago Today My Life Changed For Ever

danny-one-yearToday marks a very important day for me. April 14, 2012 one year ago was the day of my initial spinal cord injury. I’ve had some mixed feelings today. I woke up this morning feeling well and excited to go to a Joel Osteen service at his home church, Lakewood Church, in Houston Texas.

Some of the feelings that I’ve had this morning that were not of the most positive. They were feelings that time is flying by and I’m not making enough improvements and even feeling a little bit nauseous at times just thinking that I’ve actually been confined to a wheelchair as a quadriplegic level for one year.  This all was quickly wiped away once I arrived at the huge stadium Lakewood Church. It gave me time to actually feel the gratitude and achievements that I’ve made in this past year that I should be feeling.  Thinking back to when I was at Shepherd Hospital in Atlanta Georgia, lying in bed coming out of an induced coma, still on a ventilator, not able to move any of my limbs, and to where I am now only one short year later is nothing short of a miracle.

This is where the pity party stopped and excitement, motivation, and feelings of being blessed came rushing through me.  I am in Houston Texas, for a trip of a little bit over two weeks to see spinal cord specialists and visit the top physical therapists for spinal cord injuries in the country.  I saw many doctors last week and received mainly all positive outlooks. I start physical therapy tomorrow and I am getting really pumped about it right now as I sit here writing this. This is one of the things made possible from proceeds from this past year’s fundraisers and of those of you who have donated directly to

I’m so grateful to have this opportunity and want to thank all of you for giving it to me. Your love and generosity has never been or will ever be wasted or taken lightly and I am going to use it to it’s fullest possible potential. You all have been truly amazing and I am honored to have been touched by your love, prayers and positive thoughts. There have been so many events both good and bad throughout this past year that have made me a stronger, better, and more blessed person that I have ever been. I have two long weeks of therapy coming up and will keep everyone posted once I get finished.

I want to thank everyone for all of your support whether it  has been financial, spiritual, or physical.  The difference between today, which is one year after my tragic accident, and the day before my accident, is that today I am able to be aware of and be thankful for all the wonderful blessings I’ve been given and surround me on this planet.

It took this accident to open my eyes about many things in my life and to appreciate the smaller and larger things that are wonderful around me.  I’m a better person today than I was a year ago and I am a stronger person than I ever was.

Thank you for all your support that made that possible for me.

Danny Margagliano

Danny’s Journey Home

4 Months Exactly Today…Danny is Home!!

Danny’s Journey Home from Craig Baranowski on Vimeo.

Learn about Danny’s Project Home

Today is four months since Danny’s accident. These past months have been filled with so many emotions. Danny and I are actually home right now! Danny was having low blood pressure issues so he couldn’t do his last day of therapy so we decided to head home early and surprise the kids and my sister and nephew(who have been staying at our house to watch the kids). On the ride home Danny and I talked about how the last 4 months have been and then we figured out that today marked 4 months exactly since his accident and how fitting it was that we were actually coming home today. Danny said the last four months flew by and I said,”for who??, you maybe!” He said” well yea because I guess I was in a coma for about a month of it and hallucinating for the next two weeks after that!” hahaha! It’s so true! The kids were so super excited to see us! They made this fantastic welcome home posterior us in anticipation of our arrival on Friday. They all ready had it up and in place. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be back home. Even though I’m sleeping on the couch next to Danny’s hospital bed that’s set up in the living room, it’s still so nice. Summer is cuddled up next to Danny in the bed, so sweet. I’m the only one awake, my head still buzzing from the day. Well me and Stormy, our dog, who was also supper excited to be reunited with all the family. We all missed her so much! She put her paws right up in Danny’s lap when she saw him. Thanks to our friends Daniel and Sarah who have taken her in as their own for the last four long months! We can’t wait to see everyone over the rest of the week. Danny was filled with emotions being back in the house tonight and the kids wanting his attention and he can’t get around like he used to. He was pretty shook up if you can imagine. He just wanted to be able to sit at the bar and talk and he cannot do much for himself. It’s going to take some time but we haven’t got this far without a lot of blood, sweat and tears(literally) and the wonderful support of family and friends. And we will continue to string with the love and support of all of you. There may be times when Danny gets overwhelmed and may just turn away. Please understand that he just needs some space and a few minutes to regain composure. This is a new way of life and does not present itself without many difficult challenges and emotions. and with that I’m resting my eyes for and early and busy day tomorrow! Love and blessings to all! Good to be home! Good to be home!

Monday August 13 2012 Update

Coming Home!

Danny got a follow up blood flow study this morning. God is gracious and answers prayers. There are no more blood clots. They are all gone! Such fantastic news! We will also be heading home on Wednesday! We hope to be home in enough time to go pick up Ethan from school and surprise him. We are so excited to see everyone and to be home!! Blessings to all and pray for safe travels for us on Wednesday.


Friday August 10th 2012 Update

Danny Moves His Toes!

Danny moved his toes on the right foot today! I posted video on Facebook. So exciting. God is good, all the time. We pray now that he progresses even more. He fatigues very easily. And it is so challenging for him to move muscles but eventually after thinking about the movements and trough repetitive repetitions his body will recognize those movements. Pray for endurance and more strength. We went back to Shepherd yesterday as got blood drawn to check Danny’s Coumadin level. He is finally therapeutic on his Coumadin. On Monday we go back to Shepherds again to have a blood flow study on his legs and left arm where he originally had the blood clots. Please pray for the blood clots to be gone so he can stop taking the blood thinner. It is really making his blood pressure really low a lot because his blood is too thin. Blessings to all and rejoicing in his goodness!

Wednesday August 8th 2012 Update

Project Walk

Project Walk Atlanta has been AMAZING! Danny is pushing hard and doing so well. We are doing the family training program so that I can do his therapy when we get home the way Project Walk does it. The training is 25 hours. We are splitting it up in about two weeks. It’s a lot of work but fun. Danny continues to make improvements. There are a few items we need to work on getting for Danny to continue improvements. We are working on getting a used gliding standing frame. It will continue to help stabilize his blood pressure. It also helps him to be weight bearing which is suggested he do that for an hour everyday. It helps to keep his bones strong and good for his circulation. He will also need to be using The Total Gym with rope cables. Believe it or not he does a lot of important exercises on there. Yesterday ad today he stood at an incline on the bench and I unlocked his knees and he slowly and painfully started to press his knees back with some help. That does not mean he can move his legs but the weight bearing helps him to focus on the movement and he is able to help. Project Walk believes if you do a movement 1,000 times your body will recall it. So we have a lot of muscle groups to get moving. We will need to purchase foam wedges to prop Danny up to practice on core strengthening exercises. He then leans up against a wooden box. We have all the measurements and I have pictures to build them. They use those rubber exercise bands,Stepper platforms, yoga mats, and a padded table. We also have on our wish list an FES bike which stimulates Danny’s muscles. Danny will walk again it’s just a matter of when. Those who commit their lives to many hours of therapy a day are the ones who recover. It’s very hard work but we will figure it out and with the help of the wonderful experts at Project Walk to set us up with the proper exercises we will find the time in the days, months and years ahead. These are our greatest financial needs for medical equipment right now.
Standing Slider Frame-about $2,500
FES Bike- about $20,000
Please pray for energy and strength for Danny. He really is a power house! Love to all an we are so blessed to be here and have all of you backing us up! Blessings to all!! Standing strong for our Lord!

Thursday August 2nd 2012 Update

Okay. Way past due for an update. Danny was discharged from outpatient this past Wednesday and we moved in the apartments next to Shepherds to get ready for outpatient day program. So it was a lot of work for me to pack up his room and move over to the apartments and unpack everything. One of our techs helped me move things over. We have been enjoying some down time and in the process have even brought a wheelchair accessible van. We were able to pay cash for it with all the fundraisers that have been done. So thank you to everyone who has helped us. We owe it to you. It’s amazing that the van costs $38,000! But thanks to Scott Creel from Mobility works(HDS) for making it a smooth and easy process.
Our first day of day program was just stating goals to the therapist and they told our case worker we needed to stay for 6 weeks. Then the caseworker broke the bad news to us We thought we were on scholarship for the day program. They would have used all our 35 visits of outpatient visits from our insurance. We planned on having those visits for rehab when we get home. The scholarship covered the copays only. They charged us 3 visits a day and would have utilized all our 35 visits in less than two weeks and would have to pay $450 a day to stay. After that news we had to regroup and decide what to do. Make no mistakes we love Shepherds! They have done so much to get Danny well again and to have gotten him this far!
So we have moved into a hotel in Alpharetta to go to Project walk Atlanta( which is actually in Alpharetta.) If you get a chance look up Project Walk Atlanta. It’s very inspiring. It’s an aggressive and intense weight bearing exercise rehab. They will train me to rehab him on their techniques for two weeks. Then we come home! So that’s the plan for now. We meet with Paul Picard from Project Walk tomorrow afternoon.
In the mean time we are excited that demolition is starting on the remodel of our home.
Thank for your continued prayers and support. We love and miss you all! Blessings!!

An Update From Danny July 21 2012

Danny Margagliano Graduation to Outpatient of Shephard CenterHi all, it is danny. I am writing this from my IPad using a stylus taped to my finger. I want to first thank all of you out there reading Aprils posts and writing beautiful and inspiring comments and praying for me but especially my family.

The past 3 months have been both the best and worse of my life, but actually more of the best. I have cried more in two months than I have in my entire life. Many of the tears were From immense pain and sadness but more were from happiness from discovering how blessed I am today. I have bonded and grown closer to all of my family especially my brother Greg and for that I am eternally grateful. I never knew how many people cared for us and helped us without thinking twice emotionally,spiritally and financially. It has unfortunately taken an event of this magnitude to open my eyes to how wonderful others can be and how selfish and unappreciative I have been. Looking around and meeting others here at the Shepard Center has shown me that I am truely blessed today. THis injury is something I would not want to take away if I could for the shear fact that it has opened my eyes to a greatfulness and glory as well as the bond that has formed between my family and the Lord Jesus. So many blessings have been bestowed upon me since the injury occurred.

Now for an update on my physical recovery. I am getting stronger every day. April has been a daily inspiration and motivates me beyond my abilities. She is my caretaker, wife and best friend. She is just amazing. I am finishing up with in patient therapy on Wednesday and starting out patient aggresive therapy on Friday. I can’t wait! We will give you an uptadate after a few days. God bless you all and thank you for all you have done.

Tuesday July 17 2012 Update

Danny shaved himself for the first time today. He only could do the left side but he didn’t miss a hair. That was the first time he got to use his new electric razor himself. He said” wow this thing is really nice!”. For the first time today he also used the hand bike. They strap his hands in because he cant hold on. He crushed it and in less than two minutes he was overpowering the bike and they had to make it harder for him. They use electrodes to stimulate muscle contraction and that did help on his weaker right arm. He was so nervous because of the subluxation on the right arm and intense hypersensitivity. He was scared it would hurt like crazy and make it worse. To tell you the truth I wasn’t sure he was going to be able to do it. But I would never let him know that. I encouraged him and was like a cheerleader as always. I sound so goofy on the sidelines, you should hear me and Danny laughs at me. LOL! But hey, the cheering pushes him to work harder. The peddling didn’t hurt his subluxation like we suspected and he did amazing. After that he even powered through with more upper body exercises with his OT.
Yesterday was a really tough day for Danny. He was feeling really down in the dumps, home sick and bored of the same cafeteria, same old everything. Honestly I was too. He just wanted to do something fun and he can’t…here, and now. I made him watch a movie a fellow Keller Williams agent, Linda gave us. She teaches a class called BOLD. She showes this old movie from the 80’s called The Miracle Man. The way they showed the rehab of this mans spinal cord injury rehab was a little off and we laughed. But it was movie making in the 80’s at its finest. The bigger message wasn’t that he had a C-1,C-2 injury and that he walked again. The message was that he didn’t listen to what anyone told him. He willed himself better. The man in the movie listened to Zig Zigler tapes, who happened to be a motivational speaker that Danny used to listen to. I can remember Danny telling me about him. That positive message sparked a fire in Danny that shook him out of the funk he was in and he had a fire in his eyes that even Satan wouldn’t walk through. He is getting stronger and pushing through pain that is indescribable. I’m so proud of him and he is really working hard to get back his body again. We are both exhausted. It’s a lot of work. I stay right there with him while he’s in the gym trying to learn simple tasks like sleeping on his stomach. Because I also am learning a lot as well. Thank you everyone for your prayers and your efforts back home. We miss you all an incredible amount and can’t wait to get home but we know this rehab is so crucial to Danny’s recovery and we are learning so much! blessings to all. And never take for granted the life God gives you.

Friday July 13 2012 2nd Update

He did it! He beat his 60 degree angle record today with a wooping……80 degrees with blood pressure strong at 83/60!!! Woooohooo!! Throwing our hands up in the air saying ahhhooo!!celebrate! The picture is with his OT Shannon. She’s awesome!!