May 20, 2022

South Walton Restaurants Support Local Hero

Dine 4 Danny Cover Photo GraphicSouth Walton Restaurants Support Local Hero this Labor Day Weekend with ‘Dine 4 Danny’ Fundraiser Saturday, August 31st

On August 31st, select South Walton restaurants will host Dine 4 Danny—a dine-out fundraiser to support Danny Margagliano, a former South Walton Fire District fireman and paramedic who was paralyzed in a diving accident, leaving him to struggle daily with overwhelming medical expenses and needs. Locals and visitors are invited to show their support for Danny simply by dining out at one of the participating restaurants this Saturday. Each restaurant will be donating either a percentage of sales or a minimum contribution following the event that will go directly to Danny’s charity fund, Donations 4 Danny.

Dine 4 Danny restaurants include (in alphabetical order):

Link to all the participating restaurants HERE

Another Broken Egg – Grayton Beach
Barefoot BBQ
Bud & Alley’s
Café Thirty-A
Edward’s Fine Food & Wine
Grayton Bar & Grill
Marie’s Bistro
Pandora’s Grayton Beach
Redd’s Fueling Station
Restaurant Paradis
Stinky’s Fish Camp
The Red Bar
V Seagrove

On a holiday weekend that celebrates the American worker, Dine 4 Danny invites all to enjoy a delicious evening out in honor of Danny who devoted years of his life to the safety of our local community.

Donations 4 Danny a Beneficiary for the 2013 30A Thanksgiving 10K

30A Thanksgiving 10K in Rosemary BeachLast year the inaugural 30A Thanksgiving 10K raised close to $18,000 for Donation 4 Danny. We are thrilled to announce that Donations 4 Danny will be a beneficiary for the 2013 30A Thanksgiving 10K in Rosemary Beach Florida. For the upcoming race, the race team set a goal of doubling the proceeds, which will benefit three charities this year: Donations 4 Danny, Food for Thought Outreach and Lighthouse Family Retreat.

30A 10K Beneficiaries - Donations 4 Danny, Lighthouse Family Retreat, Food For Thought

“We love our community in South Walton and it is very important to us that we support local charities that are close to our heart. These wonderful organizations are what inspire our team to work hard on hosting a world class running event on Scenic 30A”, says Karen Meadows, Race Director of the 30A 10K.

For more information regarding the 30A Thanksgiving 10K, please visit their website and to register for the race!!

One Year Ago Today My Life Changed For Ever

danny-one-yearToday marks a very important day for me. April 14, 2012 one year ago was the day of my initial spinal cord injury. I’ve had some mixed feelings today. I woke up this morning feeling well and excited to go to a Joel Osteen service at his home church, Lakewood Church, in Houston Texas.

Some of the feelings that I’ve had this morning that were not of the most positive. They were feelings that time is flying by and I’m not making enough improvements and even feeling a little bit nauseous at times just thinking that I’ve actually been confined to a wheelchair as a quadriplegic level for one year.  This all was quickly wiped away once I arrived at the huge stadium Lakewood Church. It gave me time to actually feel the gratitude and achievements that I’ve made in this past year that I should be feeling.  Thinking back to when I was at Shepherd Hospital in Atlanta Georgia, lying in bed coming out of an induced coma, still on a ventilator, not able to move any of my limbs, and to where I am now only one short year later is nothing short of a miracle.

This is where the pity party stopped and excitement, motivation, and feelings of being blessed came rushing through me.  I am in Houston Texas, for a trip of a little bit over two weeks to see spinal cord specialists and visit the top physical therapists for spinal cord injuries in the country.  I saw many doctors last week and received mainly all positive outlooks. I start physical therapy tomorrow and I am getting really pumped about it right now as I sit here writing this. This is one of the things made possible from proceeds from this past year’s fundraisers and of those of you who have donated directly to

I’m so grateful to have this opportunity and want to thank all of you for giving it to me. Your love and generosity has never been or will ever be wasted or taken lightly and I am going to use it to it’s fullest possible potential. You all have been truly amazing and I am honored to have been touched by your love, prayers and positive thoughts. There have been so many events both good and bad throughout this past year that have made me a stronger, better, and more blessed person that I have ever been. I have two long weeks of therapy coming up and will keep everyone posted once I get finished.

I want to thank everyone for all of your support whether it  has been financial, spiritual, or physical.  The difference between today, which is one year after my tragic accident, and the day before my accident, is that today I am able to be aware of and be thankful for all the wonderful blessings I’ve been given and surround me on this planet.

It took this accident to open my eyes about many things in my life and to appreciate the smaller and larger things that are wonderful around me.  I’m a better person today than I was a year ago and I am a stronger person than I ever was.

Thank you for all your support that made that possible for me.

Danny Margagliano

30A Thanksgiving 10K to Support Donations 4 Danny

30A 10K Hopes to Raise $10,000 for Danny Margagliano

30A Thanksgiving 10K in Rosemary BeachThe inaugural 30A Thanksgiving 10K hosted by Hammer Down Multisport, the areas largest competitive Cycling, Triathlon and Running club in Northwest Florida, is striving to raise $10,000 for Donations 4 Danny. The Thanksgiving 10K race is being held Thanksgiving Morning in beautiful town of Rosemary Beach.

“The community support has been incredible. The 30A 10K is going to be an amazing race and a race that will be a great tradition on Scenic 30A. We are pleased to be able to support Danny Margagliano as he recovers from his accident”, Karen Meadows race director for 30A 10K.

Proceeds from the 30A 10K Race and 1 Mile Fun Run will be donated to Donations 4 Danny supporting Danny Margagliano. The 30A 10K Race is expected to sell out and be a great event for avid runners and beginner runners. The 30A 10K race course is certified and is a Peach Tree Road Race Qualifier.

“Hammer Down Multisport is proud to host the 30A 10K and 1 Mile Fun Run. I am especially proud to be supporting my good friend, Danny Margagliano”, Craig Baranowski, President of Hammer Down Multisport.


For more information on the 30A Thanksgiving 10K and 1 Mile Fun Run, please visit or the 30A 10K Facebook Page.





Danny Margagliano Home Renovation Project

Project Home

It is hard to believe it has been four months since Danny’s accident on April 14,th 2012. So much has happened over four months and the progress Danny has made has been nothing short of amazing[see video]. While Danny has been away we have analyzed the optimal living situation for Danny and his family and determined that a home renovation to their existing home is the most economical and practical path.

Walking through Danny’s  home it is clear that much work is needed to make their home functionable, accessible and safe for Danny and his family to live in. Jeff Margaretten with Margaretten Architectural got to work and designed a 670sf expansion of their home. Key features include:

  • Wheel chair accessible exits and entry points at the front of the house, side entry and garage
  • Expanded master suite to accommodate a roll-in shower and dressing area for Danny
  • Widening interior doorways to be wheel chair accessible
  • Renovating the kitchen for wheel chair accessibility and access for Danny for food and beverages
  • Home office expansion so Danny and April can work from home efficiently and productively
  • Wheel chair accessible laundry room
  • Covered Porch as an accessible outdoor space for Danny and his family
  • New landscape and paver-scape design for Danny to easily access his front and back yards

We are relying on donated materials and labor for a majority of the project and are seeking out individuals and companies that would like to participate in the home renovation. If you are interested in volunteering or supplying materials please CONTACT US @

To securely donate via PayPal, Click the Donations 4 Danny button below

Donate to Danny Margagliano


Make checks payable to:

Charitable Account for Daniel Margagliano

Mail checks to:

South Walton Professional Fire Fighters
P.O. Box 1633
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Margagliano Residence Home Plans DOWNLOAD

Jeff Margaretten
Margaretten Architectural
Michael Spicer
Spicer Design Build, Inc.
Project Liason
Craig Baranowski
Team Baranowski Keller Williams Realty

Danny’s Journey Home

4 Months Exactly Today…Danny is Home!!

Danny’s Journey Home from Craig Baranowski on Vimeo.

Learn about Danny’s Project Home

Today is four months since Danny’s accident. These past months have been filled with so many emotions. Danny and I are actually home right now! Danny was having low blood pressure issues so he couldn’t do his last day of therapy so we decided to head home early and surprise the kids and my sister and nephew(who have been staying at our house to watch the kids). On the ride home Danny and I talked about how the last 4 months have been and then we figured out that today marked 4 months exactly since his accident and how fitting it was that we were actually coming home today. Danny said the last four months flew by and I said,”for who??, you maybe!” He said” well yea because I guess I was in a coma for about a month of it and hallucinating for the next two weeks after that!” hahaha! It’s so true! The kids were so super excited to see us! They made this fantastic welcome home posterior us in anticipation of our arrival on Friday. They all ready had it up and in place. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be back home. Even though I’m sleeping on the couch next to Danny’s hospital bed that’s set up in the living room, it’s still so nice. Summer is cuddled up next to Danny in the bed, so sweet. I’m the only one awake, my head still buzzing from the day. Well me and Stormy, our dog, who was also supper excited to be reunited with all the family. We all missed her so much! She put her paws right up in Danny’s lap when she saw him. Thanks to our friends Daniel and Sarah who have taken her in as their own for the last four long months! We can’t wait to see everyone over the rest of the week. Danny was filled with emotions being back in the house tonight and the kids wanting his attention and he can’t get around like he used to. He was pretty shook up if you can imagine. He just wanted to be able to sit at the bar and talk and he cannot do much for himself. It’s going to take some time but we haven’t got this far without a lot of blood, sweat and tears(literally) and the wonderful support of family and friends. And we will continue to string with the love and support of all of you. There may be times when Danny gets overwhelmed and may just turn away. Please understand that he just needs some space and a few minutes to regain composure. This is a new way of life and does not present itself without many difficult challenges and emotions. and with that I’m resting my eyes for and early and busy day tomorrow! Love and blessings to all! Good to be home! Good to be home!

An Update From Danny July 21 2012

Danny Margagliano Graduation to Outpatient of Shephard CenterHi all, it is danny. I am writing this from my IPad using a stylus taped to my finger. I want to first thank all of you out there reading Aprils posts and writing beautiful and inspiring comments and praying for me but especially my family.

The past 3 months have been both the best and worse of my life, but actually more of the best. I have cried more in two months than I have in my entire life. Many of the tears were From immense pain and sadness but more were from happiness from discovering how blessed I am today. I have bonded and grown closer to all of my family especially my brother Greg and for that I am eternally grateful. I never knew how many people cared for us and helped us without thinking twice emotionally,spiritally and financially. It has unfortunately taken an event of this magnitude to open my eyes to how wonderful others can be and how selfish and unappreciative I have been. Looking around and meeting others here at the Shepard Center has shown me that I am truely blessed today. THis injury is something I would not want to take away if I could for the shear fact that it has opened my eyes to a greatfulness and glory as well as the bond that has formed between my family and the Lord Jesus. So many blessings have been bestowed upon me since the injury occurred.

Now for an update on my physical recovery. I am getting stronger every day. April has been a daily inspiration and motivates me beyond my abilities. She is my caretaker, wife and best friend. She is just amazing. I am finishing up with in patient therapy on Wednesday and starting out patient aggresive therapy on Friday. I can’t wait! We will give you an uptadate after a few days. God bless you all and thank you for all you have done.

Red Bar Silent Auction 4 Danny a Success

Red Bar Silent Auction 4 Danny MargaglianoA BIG thank you to Ollie and the wonderful staff at the Red Bar, especially Stacey Barnes and Kelly Krause who put in many hours of their time and effort to make the “Red Bar Silent Auction 4 Danny” on Sunday May 13th 2012, a success. A special thank you to all of our wonderful members of the community and businesses who donated items for the auction.

A special thanks to Val Fredricks and family who added a personal touch on the whole event. As a result of all of this hard work and the generosity of our awesome community we raised (including some cash donations) just over $12,000.00!!! Thank you again for everyone’s kindness and generosity to help Danny in his fight to recovery!


Area Rallies for Injured Firefighter

Press of Atlantic City

By Regina Schaffer, At The Shore

Danny Margagliano’s life changed forever a little more than two weeks ago, when the former Upper Township resident made a fateful dive into shallow waters off the coast of Florida.

The accident that followed left Margagliano, 36, a married father of two and a firefighter, with a devastating spinal cord injury.

With Margagliano in the intensive care unit of Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, Fla., his wife, April, and young children, Ethan and Summer, can only hope that his current state of paralysis is temporary. Margagliano is currently on a ventilator, says his longtime friend, Nick Bricker of Ocean City.

In the meantime, friends, family, former Ocean City High School classmates and area firefighters in South Jersey are stepping into action to support the man who was also known as one of the area’s great surfers.

“Danny needs our help,” Bricker says. “He has great insurance being a fireman … but what people don’t realize is, he is likely going to need a new house, a new car. Insurance doesn’t cover that.”

Bricker, who has helped organize a number of area charity benefits, was quick to put together the “Throw Down for Danny,” a benefit taking place 2 to 6 p.m. Sunday, May 6, at the Ocean City Yacht Club.

All proceeds from the event will help the family with expenses, Bricker says.

Admission to the benefit is $25 and includes food and donated beverages. DJ Sparkles and the band Space Camp will provide entertainment. There will also be a Chinese auction with several large prizes donated by area businesses, Bricker says.

“I figured, this is where he was born and raised,” Bricker says. “We can come together to show that we still care about him.”

Bricker was expecting between 200 and 250 people – but he quickly had to adjust his estimate, he says.

“My goal was to sell tickets at the door and sell out, but it’s panic mode now because the response is overwhelming,” Bricker says. “Danny is a fighter. If anyone can fight this, he can.”

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Down, But Definitely Not Out

 Update On New Jersey Legend Danny Margagliano’s Recent Injury — And How You Can Help

By Nick McGregor

Fantastic Article from our friends at READ the FULL ARTICLE HERE with photos.

Anyone who spent time around the pro surfing world in the 1990s knows Danny “Questo” Margagliano’s name. Product of Ocean City, NJ’s, fertile and highly competitive scene. Early ESA standout. Foil to good friend Matt Keenan. Key member of Ocean City High School’s early championship squad. Perennial Smith Optics Garden State Grudge Match invitee. 2003 Red Bull Ice Break runner-up. Former manager of OC’s iconic 7th Street Surf Shop.

What the 36-year-old Margagliano has been up to in recent years after moving to the Florida Panhandle is slightly different but no less impressive: Avid fisherman, boater, and traveler who still surfs whenever possible. Firefighter with the South Walton Fire District. Realtor with Keller Williams Realty. Husband to wife April and father to young children Ethan and Summer.

Sadly, while on an April 14th boat trip to Noriega Point in the Destin, FL, area, Danny dove overboard and suffered a broken neck and partial paralysis. He was rushed to Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, where doctors removed his C5 vertebrae and fused together his C4-C7. As of press time, Danny was able to move parts of his left arm but none of his right, and had some feeling in his legs. He’s also been on and off a ventilator since the accident and has undergone other difficulties, including fluid build-up in his lungs, a collapsed lung, various infections and bacterial growths, and multiple tubes and insertions to maintain his vitals and keep him healthy. Luckily, Danny is currently slated for a tracheotomy before the end of this week and a PEG tube insertion to alleviate his previous feeding tube next week.

Immediately after Danny’s injury, local communities both in Florida and New Jersey sprang into action. Danny’s firefighters’ union provided meals and a hotel room to the Margagliano family, while also raising over $14,000 in less than two weeks via fundraisers at area restaurants and online site, where you can donate if you’re so inclined. In addition, Nick Bricker and his family in South Jersey set up a Throw Down For Danny fundraiser scheduled for Sunday, May 6th at the Ocean City Yacht Club. Not surprisingly, all 300 tickets sold out in less than a week’s time, and hundreds of businesses small and large donated raffle items to raise money at the event. Before the event even began, the Jersey community had raised nearly $10,500, so expect that total to go way up next week after the raffle and auction. Other events coming up include Dining 4 Danny nights at Beef O’Brady’s in South Walton Beach on May 10th and May 24th; a Sunset Cruise for the Margagliano family at HarborWalk Marina in Destin on May 12th; and an all-day fundraiser at The Red Bar in Grayton Beach on May 13th.
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