September 29, 2022

An Update From Danny July 21 2012

Danny Margagliano Graduation to Outpatient of Shephard CenterHi all, it is danny. I am writing this from my IPad using a stylus taped to my finger. I want to first thank all of you out there reading Aprils posts and writing beautiful and inspiring comments and praying for me but especially my family.

The past 3 months have been both the best and worse of my life, but actually more of the best. I have cried more in two months than I have in my entire life. Many of the tears were From immense pain and sadness but more were from happiness from discovering how blessed I am today. I have bonded and grown closer to all of my family especially my brother Greg and for that I am eternally grateful. I never knew how many people cared for us and helped us without thinking twice emotionally,spiritally and financially. It has unfortunately taken an event of this magnitude to open my eyes to how wonderful others can be and how selfish and unappreciative I have been. Looking around and meeting others here at the Shepard Center has shown me that I am truely blessed today. THis injury is something I would not want to take away if I could for the shear fact that it has opened my eyes to a greatfulness and glory as well as the bond that has formed between my family and the Lord Jesus. So many blessings have been bestowed upon me since the injury occurred.

Now for an update on my physical recovery. I am getting stronger every day. April has been a daily inspiration and motivates me beyond my abilities. She is my caretaker, wife and best friend. She is just amazing. I am finishing up with in patient therapy on Wednesday and starting out patient aggresive therapy on Friday. I can’t wait! We will give you an uptadate after a few days. God bless you all and thank you for all you have done.


  1. Brian Bourgeois says:

    That’s great Danny. Your positive attitude is amazing! Keep up the hard work….

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